fundamental questions

fundamental questions

Postby consumer » Tue Mar 10, 2015 8:20 pm

I'm terribly sorry if these questions are tediously rudimentary, but I've read pretty extensively through the wiki and through posts in this forum and can't find clear answers to these questions:

The MICroDEC has an on-board FTDI programming interface.
I've inferred from previous posts that it is recommended to use an Arduino to facilitate programming.

Instead, could one build a rudimentary FTDI to USB connection solely through wiring the cable (and if so can you direct me to a diagram? ..or could I simply purchase a readymade FTDI to USB cable from Sparkfun or the like?

Instead of an Arduino as an interface could one use and FTDI to USB interfaces sold on Sparkfun or the like and if so should I look for a 3.3v or a 5v version?

FWIW: I'm not an advocate of the site mentioned or even their competitors, but my search for the keywords brought them up...

I'd like to break programming out to the rear panel of my two MICroDECs - I'd rather not need to put an Arduino in the programming chain if it's not necessary.

My next questions will be about programming; Fundamental questions. Your patience is enormously appreciated.

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Re: fundamental questions

Postby guest » Wed Mar 11, 2015 12:08 pm

all good questions!

1. any ftdi usb->serial should work. you can buy a premade cable, or hack an arduino, build your own, or buy a breakout from sparkfun.
2. either 3.3V or 5V variety will work. the microdec runs off 5V, so thats probably preferred.
3. you can use the arduino IDE, or use AVRstudio, or any other platform you like. if have not done a lot of microcontroller programming before, the arduino interface will be the easiest. if you are familiar with how things work, then AVRstudio gives you more options. you can also just use AVRdude and AVRgcc.
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