The box - knobs and such

The box - knobs and such

Postby mcanulty » Thu May 20, 2010 11:14 pm

May 11

the knobs are as follows on the front from left to right

input gain, feedback, wet dry mix, output volume, mod1(pot), mod2(rotary encoder with pushbutton), function select (16pos rotary switch)

there are 16 functions on it but some of them sound very similar and some dont seem to make much difference on the sampler functions you have to push mod2 to record most of the instructions should be in the assembly files for the functions which is another thing to add the website a place for explaining what the functions do

on the back it is as follows (from the front perspective, left to right)

stereo 1/4" in, stereo 1/4" out, 9vdc in

that's 9vdc tip positive!
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