Bypass Switch

Bypass Switch

Postby bcalla » Sun Nov 24, 2013 12:42 pm

In response to a previous post asking about a footswitch, mcanulty replied that "There are pads on the board for precisely that modification, we'll try to get a how-to up in the near future."

I am a guitarist, and I just built my MICrODEC. I would like to add a footswitch. Has anyone completed the how-to?

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Re: Bypass Switch

Postby guest » Mon Nov 25, 2013 1:10 am

there are 4 jumpers on the board which can be used to attach a bypass switch. if you only want to do mono, you will only need to use 2 of those jumpers, and a DPDT switch. for stereo you will need a 4PDT switch.

J8 is the mono input, and J6 the mono output (left). J9 is the right input, and J7 the right output. they both get connected up the same way. on each jumper there are 2 pads, one goes to the jack, and the other goes to the circuitry. you can follow the traces to see where they go. first flip the board over, and cut the trace that is between the 2 pads on the jumpers. this disconnects the input and output jacks from the circuitry. then take the pad that goes to the input jack, and connect it to the center contact one portion of the switch, and one of the other contacts to the pad that goes to the circuit. the remaining contact goes to its mate on another portion of the switch. the center contact of that portion of the switch goes to the output jumper pad that goes to the output jack. the final remaining switch contact goes to the other jumper pad on the output jumper. and, since that is probably a bit convoluted, here is a schematic:
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