VCO CV In range

VCO CV In range

Postby ghz.tomash » Sat Nov 22, 2014 7:02 am

First of all congratulations on this amazing little board! I'ts absolutely fantastic and sounds amazing.
I've made a build using a Teensy and controlling the CV In through a DAC chip. Though I'm only able to get barely 4 Octaves.
I couldn't find anything in the manual, but what is the voltage range of the CV in? Can it go over 5 V or will it fry the board? Also what is the range of the VCO tuning? Can I do something like half volt per octave?
I currently have it tuned at one volt per octave and the DAC can output from 0 to 4V. I also noticed that up to something like 0.2 or 0.4 v the pitch doesn't really change.

PS: Setting glide down on doesn't sound to make any difference. Though Glide up works. Any ideas?

Thank you all
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Re: VCO CV In range

Postby guest » Sun Nov 23, 2014 1:51 pm

there are 2 glide inputs, one of them engages the capacitor to the input, and makes glide happen. the other engages the capacitor to the outptut, and samples the current CV. (at least if that is what you are referring to).

it wont go all the way down to 0V CV, its a function of the opamp used, which was chosen to be as close as possible to the original. you can probably go all the way up to 10V CV, although i dont know how well it will hold its tune. you can try adjusting the volts/octave down, but im not sure what the lower limit is. otherwise you can use an opamp to amplifity the DAC signal
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