state of the hack address

state of the hack address

Postby mcanulty » Mon Dec 19, 2011 3:08 am

HI! More to come soon hopefully I'm just getting back from work and am pretty exhausted, here are some schematics, pinouts and code that works with the PDIUSB chip on the nanokontrol:

I had a longer and funnier post written up last night but my browser ate it, and I had to spend all day working on firmware for a project at work, solving many of the same problems that I was just about to dig in to solve for the nano project, so when I get back to the nano project I will hopefully be able to handle the usb and midi portions much easier than before. One of the open questions is which way is preferable to send ten bit data for analog sensors over midi, is it worth doing it in HID (are there significant benefits to that?). And I'm particularly looking forward to finding out how valuable is that 10 bit data, how many bits are lost to noise?

So anyway, these are all kind of fun questions, and I think the Korg NanoKontrol is a pretty awesome piece of equipment, so affordable, and straightforward, and maybe now also hackable. I also think it's a nice solid piece of design, and it is nice to be able to open it up and admire it.

So, while I'm busy, if anybody else wants to take a poke at it, feel free, or just look at the pinouts and imagine programming it up, which is also a satisfying kind of feeling.
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