What's a number of baud rate do I need for transfer 44.1k

What's a number of baud rate do I need for transfer 44.1k

Postby sjp1111 » Wed Aug 28, 2013 11:46 pm

Hello, I have one more question about baud rate.

I'm using Audio Codec shield for sampling stereo mic inputs and I'm gonna sample stereo mic inputs as 44.1k.

I need to transfer these results to android or some kind of device.

But I concern about a max baud rate of arduino or maple. (115200).

The results of my calculation, I need at least 1900000 baud rate for tranfering 44.1k sampling results to android.

So the qustion is, How do you guys transfer your sampling results to the other device?

Actually i'm tring to do sound localization on a real time and I have a algorithm code for a c code.

Due to memory problem, I couldn't process everything on a board. So i need using one more device. (I have to use arduino or maple :-( )

But when i googling, Some guys put over 2000000 baud rate and they succeed their project.

Is it possible or stable?

Please give me some suggestions or comments.

All the best.

Summary : I wanna send 44.1k sampling results(using audio codec) to android but BAUDRATE is a big problem.
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Re: What's a number of baud rate do I need for transfer 44.1

Postby guest » Thu Aug 29, 2013 8:30 am

the max baud rate is determined by what your computer is set up to understand. 1Mbps is sometime common. i have not done this before, so maybe searching the arduino forums would give more definitive answers.

also, you might be able to do localization on the arduino itself. check out this project:
http://coolarduino.wordpress.com/2012/1 ... alization/

you can also use correlation algorithms, or time delay of zero crossings. the latter is actually quite simple, and in my experience more robust than the previous 2.
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